Maharaja is famous for explaining Vaisnava Songs & Taking Care of Everyone. His Examples are heart touching & makes Krsna conscious Philosophy very Simple.

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  • || Hare Krishna Hare krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare ||
  • hare krishna prabhuji,dandvat pranam,,gautam from pandav sena surat .
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    11th July 2009
    It was evening 5 pm and all sincere souls were eagerly awaiting the arrival of bus party from Ujjain. All gathered at centre, our Uncle’s house and started arranging each and every thing of the centre. Full place was cleaned, mats were arranged, altar was cleaned & decorated, Vyasasana was put, and all wore the traditional Bengali dhoti and gauriya tilak. Each second seemed to be as large as a day. Suddenly we have received information of soon arrival of the bus. All gathered outside on the street and started to chant the holy name. As chanting full fills all the desires within the heart soon a big white coloured bus with big letters ”HARE KRISHNA” imposed on it started arriving towards us. Kirtan’s tone became fast and as the bus stopped in front of the centre all glorified Prabhupada. Devotees came out of the bus with various instruments in their hands and joined in the kirtan. Uncle garlanded all of them and they came inside the centre. They were ten bhramcharies from ISKCON Ujjain. As they entered the centre they offered obeisance and took darshan of the lord. On all devotees’ request HG Gopikant Prabhu lead the evening kirtan. the kirtan became fast and suddenly all stood for dancing. Although space was not enough but all were blissfully dancing there. Even many were standing outside and the adjoin room. Here the statement fits”Prabhupada had built a home in which whole world can live”. Then all came out of the centre and gone on foot towards “kasturi garden” where the arrangements were done for the devotees’ residence. While moving there all sung mahamantra. Devotees also glorified the centre’s all arrangements for preaching, specially the library. Then it was already 7.30 and a special guest was going to come that time itself. All rushed to the railway station so as to receive him in a traditional way. All gathered there with various instruments and started chanting Hare Krishna mahamantra. Some of them even danced very enthusiastically. Suddenly a horn blew and train arrived at the station. We ran to the particular train compartment. There was an extraordinary glowing personality in saffron robes. He was all glorious HG Ganaganarayan Prabhu! As came down the compartment all gave their obeisance to the His Grace. Then with the loud kirtan voice the group the devotees leaded by HG Ganganarayan Prabhu began to walk though the station. Then he reached to the awaiting car standing outside the station. Car was driven by Uncle whereas Anil Pr, Chetan Pr, kartik were sitting with prabhuji. There he asked about all of our studies and revealed that this is his first time in guna. He finally reached the centre where another group of devotees were singing the kirtan. He finally gone inside the centre and took the darshan of the lord. Then he seated over his glorious Vyasasana and started manglacharana. He then stared speaking and some of the words are “there is no big city, no big centre of ISKCON, no sanyasi; no GBC in guna then also Krishna consciousness is spreading like anything. How much empowerment does Rahul Prabhu has so as to empower others. Guna should become a role model for all other cities and should teach them by its own example. Surely one day guna will be the city where all will be the devotees. You all are very good as whenever you get time you are coming to Ujjain again and again so as to respond you I should come again and again. If I again get the human life then I pray that I should get my birth in this type of association.” Then he took Bhagavat Gita class on the three verses from second chapter. He mainly focused that even though one is most sinful without a discrimination this duty of a vaishnav to help him to get out of this material world. Then prabhuji had gone to his residence in kasturi garden and there he met all again. He also told devotees that he can also come to their houses the next day. All were very ecstatic to have the association of these pure devotees of lord. All have gone their respective homes and again came at 5 am for the mangala aarti. After mangala aarti all have done their japa. At 6 am there was the time for NAGAR SANKIRTAN. All including HG Ganganarayan Prabhu, HG Vijayananda Prabhu, HG Rasananda Prabhu, HG Gopikant Prabhu, HG Shivaradhya Prabhu, and all other devotees started street kirtan from kasturi garden. Jay Sri Krishna chaitanya Prabhu nityananda............... Then from the over bridge devotees moved towards jaistambha chauraha dancing and chanting. Then all entered Lakshmi Narayan mandir, one of the oldest temples of guna. Although altar was closed the presence of devotees had purified full atmosphere. As a result one unknown man came and garlanded all the devotees. Then the sankirtan party moved to lakshmiganj and then towards mathur colony. Devotees very enthusiastically dancing and preaching the message of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in guna. Then devotees had their stop at kartik’s house where HG Ganganarayan Prabhu met all the family members. Then sankirtan straight moved back from Prey colony. At sharp 7 am, sankirtan party reached back to the garden where the arrangements were made for the morning class. HG Ganganarayan Prabhu took his seat on Vyasasana & HG Radharadhya Prabhu sang “Guru Vandana”. Immediately after it Bhagavat Gita lecture started and the topic was verse 10.10. Prabhu had specially focused on the flowchart which was like this- firstly the practice of constant loving devotional service, secondly by following it one will receive intelligence from Krishna and finally by that intelligence one can reach back home, back to Godhead. Lecture was followed by wonderful vaishnav song by HG Ganganarayan Prabhu “jeeva jago jeeva jago” and then brilliant Prashadam, the causeless mercy of the lord.
    At 11 am HG Ganganarayan Prabhu was ready to go to various houses of the students. A car came and he had left the garden. He was accompanied by Uncle and kartik. Firstly he visited to Neetesh pr’s house where he was greeted and honoured. There were all family members of Neetesh pr and some of the devotees. After a long conversation of one and half hour he left from there for kartik’s house. Before his arrival devotees started kirtan with various instruments and after his arrival it was as if full temple had been came to the place. He and Uncle seated and Prabhu started talking each and everyone personally. There were all family members of kartik, uncles, and various devotees who witnessed the program. Then after he visited Mahek pr’s house where he had talked personally to all family members. There also he was received in the same way as others. Finally he visited Nitin pr’s house was another program arranged. There were various families, students, and devotees who attended the program. At all places His Grace had focused on various topics on the basis of the problems faced by the audience. At all places he was served with prashadam and he distributed it with his own hands. His visit made all these places purified forever and ensured the plantation of plant of Krishna consciousness in the hearts of all the listeners. He also gave sum of rupees 1250/- for the centre’s development. After there was special mridanga and kartalas teaching class by one of the brahmacharis HG Radharadhya Pr. Various people including SP of guna have come to met His Grace while other bhramcharies were distributing Srila Prabhupada books in the city. The scene was as if the garden had turned to temple. A program was planned for all students and parents at the evening. All were invited. Surprisingly HG Ganganarayan Prabhu had announced that lecture would be taken in the form of various presentations by various students only. All were asked to submit their topics for presentations. By the help of HG Gopikant Prabhu all have decided their topics and matter for speaking. Then the time was 7 pm when all parents gathered at the place. Gaura aarti was performed and all danced with their full enthusiasm. HG Ganganarayan Prabhu personally played mridangam, HG Gopikant Prabhu lead the kirtan, and all liked the dance performed by one particular Prabhu. Then His Grace asked kartik to sing jay radha madhava, do mangalacharana and start his presentation in English. He started his presentation which was on the topic “importance of devotional service”. Then Prabhu asked Mohit pr to give his presentation on his topic in Hindi. Then the following presentations were made by various devotees such as neetesh Prabhu, Mehek Prabhu and finally Anil Prabhu.
    Then it was the time for HG Ganganarayan Prabhu himself to speak to the audience. He spoke briefly starting with the importance of Guru or spiritual master in one’s life. He told “there is so much water in the ocean but what is the use of that salty water for us? When sun evaporates the water and finally it comes as the rain then it life for us. In the same way Krishna is like a vast ocean, and guru is the deity of the mercy of lord. It is he who actually makes the mercy of lord available for us.” After this small lecture he took mridangam and started to sing mahamantra. After this small kirtan all took Prasad and Prabhuji went up for rest. Then the next day he left back for Ujjain. In one day he actually purified the whole city. Prabhuji himself told later on that he was happy with guna and people there. All have confirmed that if once Prabhuji came here and he is happy then that day is very near when Srila Bhakti Charu Swami Guru Maharaj will bestow His Divine Grace on the city residents.
    All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!!!
    All glories to Srila Prabbupada!!!
    All glories to Srila Guru Maharaj!!!
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    all glories to HG Ganganarayan pr
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His Grace Ganga Narayan Prabhu received initiation in the family of JagatGuru Srila Prabhupada from His Holiness Bhakti Caru Swami Maharaj . He came in Krishna Consciousness in 1994 .Since 1994 , when he was 27 ,he is serving in the mission of His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada . He sings Vaisnav Bhajans melodiously and beautifully explains their purports .He focuses on establishing loving relationship with devotees and everyone else. He preaches in English , Hindi and Bengali in Ujjain and many…

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