kunty uvācanamasye puruṣaḿ tvādyamīśvaraḿ prakṛteḥ paramalakṣyaḿ sarva-bhūtānāmantar bahir avasthitamŚrīmatī Kuntī said: O Kṛṣṇa, I offer my obeisances unto You because You are the original personality and are unaffected by the qualities of the material world. You are existing both within and without everything, yet You are invisible to all.kṛṣṇāya vāsudevāyadevakī-nandanāya cananda-gopa-kumārāyagovindāya namo namaḥLet me therefore offer my respectful obeisances unto the Lord, who has become the son of Vasudeva, the pleasure of Devakī, the boy of Nanda and the other cowherd men of Vṛndāvana, and the enlivener of the cows and the senses.janmaiśvarya-śruta-śrībhiredhamāna-madaḥ pumānnaivārhaty abhidhātuḿ vaitvām akiñcana-gocaramMy Lord, Your Lordship can easily be approached, but only by those who are materially exhausted. One who is on the path of (material) progress, trying to improve himself with respectable parentage, great opulence, high education and bodily beauty, cannot approach You with sincere feeling.namo 'kiñcana-vittāyanivṛtta-guṇa-vṛttayeātmārāmāya śāntāyakaivalya-pataye namaḥMy obeisances are unto You, who are the property of the materially impoverished. You have nothing to do with the actions and reactions of the material modes of nature. You are self-satisfied, and therefore You are the most gentle and are master of the monists.

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