We are based at jasdan near rajkot we running goshala with 157 cow's we are manufacturing cow product

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Hare Krishna Dear Devotees it is a most Important work that Protection of Krishna,s most dear cow.

Please join us please join us in our mission  

1] you can help as distribute of glory of gomata on devotees community

2] Right articels about gomata in English

3] use cow products in your daily life

4] Where ever you see gomata seek or injured please  treat her

5] Drink only gomata,s milk    

6] Use soap shampoo made from panch gvya of gomata profit will go to gomata

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    Srila Rupa Goswami cites one example to show the depth of Sri Radhika’s mercy towards the Cows, “Seeing a calf with its mouth pierced by a sharp grass, Sri Radhika felt very unhappy. With tears in Her eyes Radhika immediately dressed the calf’s wound with red kunkuma (a mixture of saffron and turmeric) (Ujjvala Nilamani)
  • Hare Krishna dandvat prnam prabhuji jai gomata!
  • Is there any minimum limit of purchase so as to despatch the product to my address? Kindly forward a pricelist for various products.
  • Hare Krishna, The picturesque description of the Go-shala is luring me to come and stay there for a few days, and if suited tay permanently. What is your opinion Prabhuji. Will I get Prasadam and a place to reside? Ofcourse I will do the Go-Seva . Seriously.
  • Hare krishna dear devotees thank you for showing your love towards cow
  • I am very disappointed with this Indians. We are not unified Indian Nation and have been divided and ruled by the British. Now we continue on this course to destroy and deface our Holy book by unrighteous acts. What Joy we give to the British? What a shame. It would have been better if the British people made us suffer more so we could have learnt to not fool each other. Mahatma Ghandi worked hard to rid of the British rule and it has amounted to nothing.
  • Hare krishna jai ho goseva ki
  • Hare Krishna graceful service that you r doing n product also effective n wonder full.
    i show your goseva product n every iskcon temple
  • I would like to know what are the USD prices for the items on Gomataseva.com or does the Rs. amount equal USD?
  • Dear Mr.Loyalka,
    I an planning to start NGO/Trusts for Protection and Feeding of Cattle, goats and sheep including all other animals.We have created an yahoogroup AHIMSA Foundation for this purpose.If you are willing you can join us in this noble cause whereever you are in the world.Send me your contact information (i.e) Residential Address, Telephone no: e-mail etc.But you have to create an yahoo id to be effectively participate in the yahoogroup.Also ask your friends and relatives to join this noble cause.My e-mail: bcvk71@yahoo.com
    website: www.vedascience.com
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Importance of Prapatti

Prapatti means saranagathi that one render his heart and soul to god sri krishna.. how much it has importance?? here some answers are given to this questions ....When we carry out our prescribed nitya (such as sandhyavandana) and naimittika (such as pitru tarpana) activities and also optional kamya activities (homas, vratas, etc.) with or without benefit intended for ourselves and definitely without any harm intended for anyone else, then we can be considered as practising Karma yoga. When this…

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Meeting on Protection and Feeding of Cattle, Goats and Sheep.

Dear All,I am planning to start a NGO/Trust to protect and feed cows, cattle , goats and sheep.The Meeting on Protection of Cattle, Goats and Sheep is scheduled to be held on 8th November 2009 in Chennai.Interested people can join me and attend the Meeting.For further information contact me through e-mail.My e-mail: bcvk71@yahoo.comYours faithfully,B.C.VENKATAKRISHNANwebsite: www.vedascience.com

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