i read your utube lectures like “woman’s chastity save family and all other videos”, its very much guiding. Can i ask some doubt which i am facing. What to do if husband is a negative mentality person because of he saw many negative things in world and he has no believe on any woman that’s why sometime he ask to his wife also some questions like r u chaste etc..

Its painic question for a pure woman but what can be do need to tolerate.

Usually women have very developed intuition so they feel others' needs and internal thoughts. That helps them to serve to others without their asking for help.

They know when husband is hungry, when child is sad, when husband is lying...

But in man intuition is not so much developed. Mostly their intelligence is very strong so they see everything with their intelligence.

So they can not feel subtle thoughts. 

Many women do not know this and problems begin. They become sad when husband does not see her unhappiness which she is keeping in her mind, husband do not know what she wants...but she thinks that he should know. 

But he cannot feel subtle things so he understands direct words.

For example, wife wants a new saree but usually in order to get that wives start to tell 'oh you know my friend has hundred sarees, i do not have one nice' husband thinks 'why she is telling me about her friend and saree. It is not so interesting. Why she is telling it. Ok then what?'

But wife again says you know my another friend's husband buys so many saress to my friend.

Husband again thinks: 'why she is telling me about other's husband? Why he is here?'

But in the reality wife wants a saree for herself but saying in indirect way and husband is not understanding that she wants a saree. 

And he gets angry and she also gets sad...

So how to solve?

No need to tell things in indirect form. If she wants saree than in suitable time she has to say:

'my dear, i wanted so much to have a new saree, but if you do not have money yet then i will wait :) but i really wanted a new saree!!!' along with sweet smile :)

And husband says: 'oh yes, yes i will buy it for you very special one!'

so problem is solved.


So if wife is chaste then has show it to a husband that she is chaste by her modesty with other man not talking to them...

By speaking always: that she loves him and she wants always to be with him. That she needs him.

That he is one in her life.


And also if it is making You angry that he does not trust You, You can just open Your heart and explain that this is hurting You. Do not try to keep thoughts inside.

Just explain it to a husband with direct words. So he will understand.

It is their physiology.

Your servant,

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  • some men have very good intuition, only depends on the principles you develop or are born with. Feminine/Masculine principles. If someone is telling you that you are unchaste and in truth you are chaste, then that is theirs. That problem is with them. Its insecurity that is being projected onto you. Do not own a problem that is not yours, it is his to figure out. And if he can't then it is once again his problem. Continue to be the good person you know you are. But yes, there are lines you do not cross. Neither party should be flirting with other people etc... sometimes its not that being not chaste is the problem. If I flirt and it hurts my loved one but I say, I have done nothing with them I was only flirting. Its not the act, its the fact that whatever I did hurt them. Even if it seems silly to me, I am the one that has made the mistake. Its about identifying with the feelings rather then comparing the situation/events.

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