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Actually i have gone for checkup but i doubt i have cyst or uterus fibroid problem. Because my periods are coming more than 25 days in 5-6 days gap. So i joined yoga classes, But not able to solved it, as they were teaching pranayam, hathyoga asanas. But yesterday on 11th april i buyed a book on Hasth Mudras (mudras doing by hand for solving health problems). So discussed question raised in my mind. Please help me if i m wrong.

So i think here You should little bit reduce Your weight, don't You think so?!

And it would be helpful to Your whole bodily health. As i mentioned above  7-8 years back i also was too fat to my height 56 kgs. Then i stopped to eat sugar and things which contain sugar, also products equal to the sweetness of sugar like potatoes, white rice, white bread - maida, no cakes, no sweets. And also used to cut food from dinner and eat fresh fruits or vegetables and drink milk.

So if You want to loose Your weight then please let me know, because i have personal experience on this subject matter and in order to solve this problem read many things.

Yes i want to reduce my weight. Since last month i have reduced to eat rice at dinner. But when i check my weight. It is 90kg. It is not increasing but not decreasing also. Please guide me, share your experiences.

Ok, now please tell exactly about Your:

1. Timetable: when You wake up, when You sleep, what times You eat, what do You do-study,job...

Who cooks for You, are Your parents agree so that You want to reduce Your weight...?

2. and things which You usually eat daily, sweets, rice, chapatis...and quantity and how many times a day You eat.

After studying these things we will learn how to solve Your problem.

My Time tabel for daily routine is follow

Sleeping time - it is fluctuating time 12.30 am,1.00-1.30am sometime 2am

Waking time- 8am

My mother prepares tiffin at morning for me

Before going office i have a 2 roti & subji & sometime (seldomn) milk.

tiffin includes 3 roti & vegetables only.

going for office - 9.30am (sometime by walking & if got late by rickshaw, station is 1km far walking distance)

Evening back to home around 8.30pm, sometime 9pm.

Dinner 10pm. from last approx 2 months i have been eating only 2 roti, dal & subji. I don't eat snacks at evening. I have only 3 meals in my whole day. very rarely i take snacks like biscuits.

After dinner, i have after doing household works i go around 12.30am to sleep.

oh You see, You sleep too late. What might be the reason for that? You go to Your job at 9 : 30 AM so for how many hours You work? And where You work as whom? (it is just to know You better not for weight reduce he he :)

Does subji contain potatoes? And roti is made of atta?

If subji does not contain potato then it is very good. And if rottis are made of not maida but atta then it is very nice. 

And what about sweets? Do You drink milk or any drink with sugar?

And why it happens that You eat dinner too late?

One of the main problems of all diseases is late sleep and food eaten late at night. That food which is eaten after Sun set never digests nicely and remains in the body creating toxins and of course no digestion so it goes for fat. Because all food except milk is digested with the energy of the Sun. Only milk is digested with the energy of the Moon. So for night we can drink only milk with cardamon and turmeric. (for us no sugar at all).

If You like to eat sugar or things which contain sugar than You have to replace them with dry an-jeer. Not dates and kishmish but an-jeer. 

Also for You it is very good to eat fruits like apple no banana at least for time being of loosing Your weight. I do not eat banana because when i eat i start to gain weight.

I do not eat papaya also. But apple, mango, chikko, bor, guava here in India also orange is very nice.

So please, tell me dear ... Mataji, is it possible for You to start to sleep earlier and to wake up earlier?! You can try it slowly slowly. Because if we do not wake up before 6 AM then it is too bad for our health. Also for our mind. 

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