after reading your question related to wearing jeans,i would like to share my fear with you.To say frankly,I love to wear traditional Vedic dress personally, but when I go out for job or at cousin's place,I have fear that people will laugh at me because the recent trend is to wear modern clothes.

I know that these outfits create lust in mind & Vedic dress is the true symbol of modesty & decency but I am unable to manage wearing it outside while meeting friends or cousins for fear of being laughed & ridiculed by people

Many have advised me that you should wear what you like & not care about what people think about me, but in a place like work,where i need to spend my whole day with certain people,there there is a fear of not being accepted by them or include me.

The reason is ,nowadays nobody loves to wear Sarees or Dress..it is fashion to wear Western attire.

Concerning cloth.

If for it is comfortable to wear modern cloth and chant the Holy Names and think of Krishna then go for it for sure. But if no then we can do some changes in our clothes also.

But i do it for the sake of service. I do it because people when they see they start to chant "Oh Hare Rama Hare Krishna".

If suppose i wear jeans or something like that they would become lusty but when i wear saree they call out for Krishna's Names. So why not to please Krishna even in this?

I do not have fear because i try to see Krishna in everyone's heart. Well i can not say that i see Him always but theoretically we know that Krishna is there so try to see Him like that.

And if i please Krishna He will change people's hearts. When Krishna is pleased people won't laugh or something like that. Even if they laugh i will pray for them. I will pray so that Krishna help them. i will pray so that they also take the Holy Names and perfect their lives.

They are doing all such like nonsenses because of ignorance so why should become angry or shy? I will just pray so that Krishna remove that ignorance in their hearts.

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