questions on hinduisim and lord krishna

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    i am discussing with my friends as they are non hindus like muslims and christians and they posed me so many questions, hope that i will get answers so that i can go back to them

  • can i ask?

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      the first question is why the god created the souls? if he is full and everything what the need for creating this world and that to living beings, even he created the animals why he created the man with mind and brain i.e full of wants and greed, lust and etc

    • the second question is why he introduced the souls with wants

    • and greed

    • if he is the creater of these wants why he is punshing the souls in the name of karma and prarabhdha

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      • Me

        the third question why the soul cannot break the karmic bond on its own as the soul is god's same thing, why the soul always immeresed in these worldly matters even he doesnot want on his own and again failure causes the rebirth and cycle forever

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      • Me

        the fouth question is why lord is siliently enjoyig when the soul is suffering with various diseases and he cannot blamed for it as the karma of the soul, if the karma is assigned by him then why the soul is getting punishment more

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      • Me

        the fifith question: even he created the same and entire thing created by him why he created the unequal and unfair to some as changelled persons and diseased person and his fate is ill and some one fate is well even both did the same work and same job at same time

      • the sixth question

      • why the vedic knowledge only confined to india

      • 6:32 PM
      • Me

        the seventh question : if rama and krishna are gods why they are limited to inida but not rest of the world, why the other parts of world 100% lost the faith on them even in india also by the culture degradtion why it is moving down

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      • Me

        the eighth question if india is great country the land of lords why there is still only land lords but not lord of the land for the world

      • if he is god why he cannot influence the rest of the world by his actions

      • how the world forgets him even if he is a god

      • and atleast some remains like stones or antiques even confiend to india , if he is god then why india only always as his birth place

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      • Me

        the ninth question: why the people of india cannot read all the vedas and no one knows all that in the book then how we can say that is more sacred than the rest of the world, even any thing u say, then it will be in vedas why till now it is un explored? and un known to man kind

      • hope that our team will answer these questions so that i can go back and say to them with full devotion on lord krishna and hindusim

      • ok hare krishna

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  • Hare Krishna


    Dear Prabhu,


    Here I would like to answer your first question i.e. why the god created the souls?

    God created just holy souls..... greed, lust, cruelty all these things developed in Kaliyug.....

    In Satyayuga, man believed and involved in "Satkarma", in Tretayuga, the percetage of "truth" was down very very little... in Dwaparyug, Truth was there but slowly "Asatya" and "Asang" was also developed.  But in this Kaliyug, man crossed all the limits of cruelty, greed etc. and at the end of this Kaliyuga, it will go beyond limit.....As per Puranas, there would be no devotees, no Dharmas, all behavious of the men would be like Asuras.....and that time Lord will take birth in the form of "Kalki" to remove the souls he created.

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