Prasadam For Mental Peace

The reason why I want to have prasadam is I feel it will help my baby and my family. As I am already facing lot of complications, i felt having Prasadam and goign to temple and praying will help a lot to ease the mental pain I am into now. I pray at home also, but when I go to Iskcon, i keep telling my husband that I feel at peace. will cry when i reach there and see Krishna's beautiful face and His smile eases my pain.

if You continue to be nice with Your husband then he will himself will wish to take You to the Temple. When wife is chaste and respectful husband is ready for everything for her. But when he shows such like desire to serve to us intelligent Devotee wife turns that desire to Krishna and makes her husband to serve to Krishna not to her own material desires. In this way she will help him to become a sadhu and follow him.

But materialistic women become submissive not for making a husband to serve to Krishna but to their own materialistic desires like earning more money than needed and spending that for over luxurious food, cloth...

So it is nice that You have desire to visit the Temple, but please go there if Your husband permits You to do so. Also please cook food at home and offer that to Krishna it will be also Prasadam.

And Mataji, do You grow Tulasi at Your home? if no then please do that. Tulasi Maharani will protect Your devotion She is very dear to Krishna.

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