Mataji, we had planted tulasi in the backyard, but it is not growing proper. it is getting destroyed.

My husband do take me to temple always. its just that now, i am unable to travel long distance. And as my date is nearing by, my husband feels like I should not go to temple. In my native, woman can go to temple till her 5-6th month. After that, she is not supposed to go to temple and people believe that the baby inside mother's womb is treated as God. Till the baby has normal food like us, we cannot take the baby to temple nor can mother. Iskcon is the only temple, where I can go and can also take baby along. I took my first child to Iskcon when she was 3 months old and I was so happy. But she was sleeping. Next time when we went, she was awake and she was so mesmerised by the beauty of Krishna and the way He was dresses. after that, she loves to go there.

when I called up Iskcon over here and asked about me coming there, even prabhuji who took the call was doubtful, but, i guess not to make me sad, he said Krishna accepts prayers from everyone so I can go. So after that, me and my husband were doubtful of going to temple as we dont want to disturb anyone by my presence. Some people wont accept it and we fear there might be problem.

Due to my complications in pregnancy, I am advised to take rest. As i get tired easily(my blood count is low). So doctor asked me to be very careful.

yes, Devotees and doctor are right. Better to be careful. Because these days traffic is not so safe and so much crash on the ways. So better not to risk. if You used to live just near by the Temple then going would be nice but if You are living far and You have to use public cars then better not to risk please!

You try to plant Tulasi on the pot within Your home close to the window. In western countries it is very difficult to keep Tulasi Maharani year round. Because in winter it is so cold that she leaves body. So they take very nice care of Her. Special heat. light. soil.

So in order to invite Her to our home and render our service first we have to please Her with our service attitude. She is Shrimati Radharani's expansion. She is very dear Devotee of Krishna. When we serve to Her Krishna will be pleased.

So please try Your best in order to invite Her to Your home and take nice care of Her. Please believe me the place where She is is called as Vrindavan. No Yamadhutas enter that house.

Also when we offer food to Krishna in our home we need Tulasi leaves so better to have Her.

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