I had few doubt since many days,In our culture,after a child is born,his/her horoscope is prepared,likewise they prepared mine.

One day,my parents met three astrologers related to health of my father who has been not keeping well since few months.At that time,they asked mine too,all three at different point of time said common things like,she will be live a life like a queen,she will have no dearth of money,husband will be saatvik,family oriented etc.She will start her devotional life after the age of 35.Then at the end span of life,she will face menstruation problems.

Now,after all such predictions,the doubt that came to my mind is,if I come to know my future/life will be like this,then with what purpose should i face life daily? I start to feel ok,they have predicted so someday or other I will be like this so why should I try?

So,what is predestined & free will,to decide my future life?

Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita to abandon everything and just surrender to Him with no fear. It means even if we have bad karma or good karma we have just to surrender and trust to Krishna. He is a Person. He is not impersonal. As a true friend He knows how to take care of us.

If we always think of Him and live for Him even if our karma is to go to hell He won't make us to go there but take back to Him.

See, we lived nearly 25-26 years in this body in this Earth planet. And those years passed away as if they were just yesterday. There were happy days and sad days but they all passed away, GONE!

So in this way future 25-26 years also will pass away in that speed. So why to wait for something from this world? From such like world? Where every second cruelly taking away Your life span???


Better to use our mind for thinking of Krishna just by always chanting His Names. After japa we should chant on mind, and after we chant on mind we have to chant on Japa.

In this way we should understand that we are here in human body and this machine is not for sense enjoyment only. It is for austerity and it is for leaving this world completely.

So please, do not worry about those predictions but try always to think of Krishna. And cultivate Your relationship with Him. Yes! Why not? He is our real Husband, real Friend, real Mother and Father. So why not to cultivate our relationship with Him?

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