my mother says, do only 2 rounds instead of 16.. this is ur age to make ur career..

Dear Mataji, Hare Krishna!

Such like tests will be there so we have to find intelligent solutions for them.

Krishna checks our devotion to Him in many ways.

And when we try to serve Him no matter to what He will give other obstacles.

In this way we become stronger. So please be kind with Your mom, at the same time maybe try to wake up before her and complete Your rounds without her knowledge.

Maybe at this stage she does not know the value of the Holy Names but when time comes she may know it.

Your servant,

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna,


    If you want to chant properly, you have to study properly. YOur mother is a future devotee and how you fare in your exams and how you behave will have a deep impact on her and her future devotion.

    Therefore, if you want to chant, do well in studies. Then your mother will say, see KRsna is with you, you dont have to worry, you will surely pass.

    Explain to your mother that not a blade of grass moves without the lord's wish. Therefore, apart from studies, you are praying so taht you get the lords mercy and good marks.

    I did my CA exams, without taking any tuitions. Even during my exams, I continued to chant - was doing only 8 rounds then. My father used to say - Krsna will help you pass, you do so much bhakti. Not that I passed in one go, still I continued to chant. I know very well that I passed because of Krsna only. He provided me help in all the subjects that I needed  help in from my seniors who were rank holders. So effectively, I got personalised tuitions free of cost.

    Have faith, study hard. Dont leave chanting at any cost. Your chanting will help you in every which way. You will realise it later.


    Your servant,


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