I am facing a big problem now, mataji. My husband's behaviour and attitude is changing after the birth of my second child, mataji. :(. He wants me to stay with his people with small children. although, there is no one to turn to when in need of emergency over there, he is not able to accept what I want to tell. :(. He has got one old father, brother and family and sister and family. I keep telling him that depending on others, there is a limit. He is not getting it into his mind, mataji. I am lost and feeling miserable. 

Do You mean Your husband is telling You to stay in his parents' house?

If so then please go and stay with them. Because it will be  easy to take care of a kid. Especially You have two of them. Joint family is very nice for taking care of small kids. 

Be they are karmis no matter but i am sure they have soft heart and they will lovingly help You to take care of Your kids. 

what i was trying to tell you mataji is that I dont want to depend on others when my husband is there. Isnt it a husband's duty to take care of his family? Why should a husband ask his people to take care of his family? Is that good mataji? doesnt that mean he is not willing to impart his responsibilities of taking care of his family? Will krishna be happy to see that? Should his fa,mily be staying together rather than seprataed? Kids should get their parents love equally, right, mataji? Kids will miss him badly. shouldnt he be thinking of all these? How can we ask them to help us when my husband is there? I wont be comfortable also.

Do You mean that he won't stay with You? Will he still do his job? 

If it is difficult for him to maintain these days then he might need help so whatever he is requesting You have to do. But if he also stays with You there in parents' house. You have to serve to him nice Prasadam and wash for him, also take nice care of him. Maybe for some time he is not able to maintain two kids and a wife with his present job so You should understand his situation and help him by obeying to his order and request.

As usually husbands work very hard in their job and get frustrated. When they come home they need care and peace. So buy giving him nice care by Your sweet words, nice Prasadam if needed massaging his feet then he will love You and Your kids and will try to do more for You. 

When he comes home You should not shout or something like that but make a Vrindavan Dham out of Your home and be ready even to fast if no money. And say to him that You are ready to reduce Your food and other expenses if it will help him to maintain Your family.

Please, believe me when You start to take nice care of Your husband and respect him as a servant of God and as Your master then for sure in near future he will find a better job and will be able to maintain You nicely.

So please, understand him and try to help him not demanding too much from him.

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