...its now time for my Marriage,my parents wish is to marry someone within our caste and I have high regard for it. Sadly,till now,I have not found any guy with a spiritual bent of mind in my caste. Parents are also opposed to marry me to some ISKCON devotees for lack of trust in them. They say that,you can change a person to KC through your example but I doubt if that person may change or not.This has been depressing me a lot. I got this life & great opportunity to go back to Krishna but circumstances are preventing me to my wholehearted efforts in it.

If You marry to a non Devotee it will be very difficult to make a Devotee out of him. It will be difficult. But possible if You are strong and determined and depend on Krishna's mercy.

Why Your parents do not trust to Devotees? What might be the cause? 

Indeed only people who serve to the Lord are worthy for our trust. Because they chant the Holy Names who helps them to control their senses. So to people who control their senses we can trust. But non Devotee means that who do not depend on Krishna and who is a servant of his senses. But there might be some pious karmis who live life in the mode of goodness if so then it is good. But again what means life in the mode of goodness: 4 regulative principles and minimum 16 rounds it is basic principle of civilized human life, isn't it?!

So please, go to senior Matajis and tell them that You want to get married and i am sure they will be happy to help You and i am sure that there is a special marriage board for young Devotees. And after finding a nice Devotee try to convince Your parents politely that You need some freedom also in Your life and it is You who will live with that person for whole life. And also You can involve them also in selecting a husband among Devotees. 

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  • Hare krishna,

    Nice answer.

    I dont like to tack about casts those created by living entity (humans), These has been making people differentiating a person to person or a group to group..

    Dont thing that am in low caste thats why i dont like to cast , it is not like that,im OBC, bt I am always associate with people who didnt have caste felling and ego, those who r SC and ST most of the times suffered by the people who r other then this kind of people. 

    Now a days people r very eager  to hear about a person who is same caste and his achievement. we will all ways think about a person guna (quality) in society and himself,

    Final conclusion is that think we r a human beings (living entity's)

    Hare krishna

    Krishna servant.


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