Is It OK to Have a Boyfriend?

actually m a college student n its been one and a half year i m in krishna consciousness.i became much more serious abt KC after after my bf broke up with me because of mt KC thing.i m seriously into this but recently while preaching one of my seniors,he used to go with me to attend bhakti vriksha classes on saturdays to juhu temple.he came into KC n suddenly one day he proposed ,n ders no point in him dat is bad.he is a neophyte so we discuss past times of krishna n ol but i m in a dilemma whether to get into a relationships or nor.i want to do devotional sevice seriously but at d same tym my mummy insists me to consider that guy cuz my mum thinks i wud go to extreme in KC  n nt get married.i sumtyms feel fr him as well but i runaway cuz i fear is it according to vaishnava principles??will i do wrong if i get into a relationship.n i always wanted an iskcon guy as my husband so that i can follow grihastha rules n sumtyms feels him as a messenger of krishna.

Usually girl and boy do not have any relationship before marriage.

It is for the welfare of girl especially. Because some boys are not responsible. They enjoy women without marriage and then leave so suffers only woman. 

So as You see just recently one actress made a suicide. Why? Just because she was in love with some guy but he left her. So girls become attached easily but men want enjoyment. Women needs some protection and long term relationships but it can be only if man takes responsibility marrying a girl. Otherwise it is a big risk.

Be him a Devotee or non Devotee.

Maya is very strong.

If You want to get married then first complete Your education. Then tell to senior Devotees

to search for  you a Devotee boy then get married then only have relationships with him.

Otherwise it will cause suffering.

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