plz tell me imp of attending mangalarati

Firstly, it is a very good chance to associate with Devotees. Be in the association and do devotional service in their association.
If there are no Devotees around us, we are weak. We cannot wake up when we are alone. We do not have desire to wake up early in the morning. But when we know that at 5 there is Mangala Arati and we have to go then we will wake up on time and take bath and go. 

When we are in the association of Devotees we chant nicely, do not talk, sleep, or at least try not to sleep being shy...

Also it is the best time for offering prayers for Guru Parampara before chanting Holy Names. Also while we sing loudly we wake up from our sleeping state. When we sign Gurvashtakam we have to understand each line of what we are praying for. Vande Guroh charanaravindam...
my humble obeisances and my gratitudes...

When we chant in the association we chant on time and complete our rounds on time. So save time for other services also.

How i wish to be near to Chowpatty and attend Mangala Arati everyday. 
Please do not waste any Your chance to go to Chowpatty and attend Mangala Arati and chant in the association of great souls.
Only by their glance they will pray for You in such a way so that Gopinath will look at You just because of their prayers.
Your servant, 

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