Idli For Ekadashi?

...being South Indian Family, during Ekadashi we take Idli or Dosa as a one time meal because I go out to work. Is it permitted to eat them coz its made of rice and dal? Many relatives of mine down south fast and eat this as a one time meal.

It says that even a grain if one eats will have to go to hell for that. So i think it is very important to follow little strict Ekadashi. In our country for Ekadashi Devotees cook buckwheat. And before cooking they clean it thoroughly from all other grains like rice, wheat...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckwheat

Even though it a very tiny seed they clean it from even one grain of rice and for all Devotees in the Temple, so nearly 10 kgs of these seeds.

So please try Ekadashi without dosa and idli. Krishna will give You strength to follow it. You can eat sama ke chaval or bagar. Also Rajagira or singoda flours.

Please give this link to Your mom she will learn many things and cook for You http://totalveg.com/category/ekadasi 

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