As we read in SB, samipya liberation is to become the personal associates of the Lord and a pure devotee will not hanker for this and other type of liberation because the highest happiness for a pure devotee is to aspire to serve the Lord.
But, personal associates serve to the Lord directly. Isn't it? So why a pure devotee shouldn't aspire to serve the Lord directly? All the devotees are dying to see and to serve the Lord.
So, I don't understand why it is not considered 'not pure' to aspire to serve the Lord directly?
The gopis, sakhis, manjaris, they all serve to Srimati Radharani. And this is considered the highest stage.
Also, when we are trying to attain our eternal svarupa, we always try to aspire a special devotee that we follow, personal associate of the Lord, meaning that pure devotees are trying to attain the highest position of being His and Her servant, being the servant of the servants directly.
Of course, if I don't deserve to serve the Lord's servants directly, (most probably it is like that), and sure I'll stay here on earth hoping and praying to the Lord that He will give me the chance to continue my devotional service from where I left, as soon as I re-born in my upcoming live. (because all other choices are hellish for me). Because even if I don't serve the Lord's servants directly in Golokavrindavan, being in devotional service also here on earth is very blissfull although I always have to hanker, Where are you? Where are you? with anxiety always missing Him and Her.
So, why it is not considered pure to desire to serve the Lordships directly? This is the most beautiful dream of all devotees.
Maybe, I think, I don't really understand the meaning of samipya liberation.

To chant the Holy Names is itself a direct service to Their Lordships of Shri Shri Radha Gopinath. In this way we are already serving to Them directly. And that desire to chant is itself a desire to serve to Them directly. Because Krishna's Name, Qualities, Form and pastimes are not different than Him. Now why we serve to Them in this age through Their Holy Names?!

It is because we do not have strong intelligence nor strong and pure mind now. When false ego becomes in contact with the mode of passion appears intelligence and when false ego becomes in contact with the mode of goodness appears mind. And when false ego becomes in contact with the mode of ignorance appears the ability of hearing.

And the main thing which separates us from Krishna is FALSE ego. That "I" and "MIne".

If we had a true ego which means i am the eternal servant of Krishna then even being in this world we would be always with Krishna. Only this false ego is a big obstacle. So in previous ages human beings used to have good intelligence and mind which they could use for mediation and gaining knowledge. But in this age it is not possible. Only strong sense is hearing. So we worship Krishna by hearing and chanting His Names.

And in this way it will remove the ignorance.

Our first desire should be to chant the Holy Names. And all other desires will follow. Understanding of the Form of the Lord should come only after proper chanting. We have to see Deities as the same Holy Names which we are chanting. They are the Holy Names.

And by serving to the Deity Form of the Lord we are serving to the Holy Names. If while chanting and hearing we use our ears and tongue then while serving practically we serve to the Holy Names with our other senses. But among senses ears are very strong because of that using ears for purification is the best process among others.

And the result of nice chanting is overwhelming desire to serve. We want to preach, and share this love with others, we want to do the most menial services, we want to please Devotees...it is because we became in contact with Krishna through His NAmes.

If we have desire to serve to Krishna directly then we have to serve. As we do it by serving to His Deity form, isn't it?! It is nice. Because by serving to Them we are serving to our Guru Parampara because their order is that we have to serve to Krishna. And when our heart is melted like butter then we will have desire to serve to all His Devotees also.

Because we will understand that we do not deserve anything but we get this desire and opportunity to serve only because of those Devotees who sacrificed their lives by distributing books, preaching, by doing all other menial services...

It means our heart becomes grateful.

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