Hare krishna mataji Dandavat pranam U knw i have a lot of questions in my mind i m as usual in problemes only Der my friend who comited suicide coz her husband was harassing her n no one was supporting her she had 2 small choldren U knw if birth death old age n desiese is a big prob den y is it dat people go n hug death. N wid me i knw a bit philosophy bt cant take it i mean i dnt understand it as to if i know death is a big prob n rest others prob r nothn den y i cant focus on krishna i mean i m so much badly absorbed in des prob i literaly cant think gud firstly m in a village wer ders no devotee n no friend my husban3d is in jodhpur n many other circumstances r der. Bt still i dnt knw i cant think of krishna We say trinad api sunichena bt i practicaly cant respect these people coz i have a reason for everyone like for my jethani( brother in laws wife) i wud say she is a bitch she is harasing each n every one she is causing pain both phisicaly n mentaly to my mother in law who doesnt have control on her whole body. N basicaly wid every one lik sum dont respect parents , sum is a prostitute here, others torture innocent people, n d story goes on I agree i m bad bt as my bad nature i cant bow down to atleast des people n dat is causing me pain i dont wana bow down its killing me coz i cant control der torture on me pls help me i knw i am bad i stil wish to improve cant concentrate on any thing I have became harsh n hard hearted lik des people . I tont dem i behave lik them coz dis pain of being insulted is realy very hard for me

Pls help me

my humble obeisances dear Mataji, all glories to Srila Prabhupada! See we see You as the most fortunate girl among Gopinath girls, but still You have some problems in life. You are beautiful, You got married on time; You have nice parents, now You have very cute daughter. Very much caring husband... but still You are finding some problems in Your life. You stay in a peaceful place, cows are there...You need not to worry of money, or go out for jobs...everything is taken care of. For You is left only to be happy, to be a caring mother and wife and daughter in law. So why You not make Your home a Temple? Why You not invite Lord into Your home and serve Him accordingly? Offer Your food to Him, clean for Him, chant for Him, serve others understanding that others are His servants, by pleasing them You are pleasing Him?

In the reality we do not have right to hate someone. Every one of us live our own karmas. We do not get more or less. We get as much as we deserve. Wealth, good name, fame...

So please use Your mind for chanting the Holy Names and making plans of pleasing the Lord rather than using it for temporary people... Your servant,


Please tell me Your husband is not with You always? Does he work far somewhere? If he would close to You then You could approach him for protection if those people are harassing You?! ... True problems are there. This is the nature of this world.

But You please try to go deep within Yourself. Read Bhagavad Gita daily. That is Your talk with Krishna. That is Your worship to Krishna. Please make a habit of reading Bhagavad Gita at least one - two verses a day. Read it loudly with purports and understand its meaning.

Hear lectures take from iskcondesiretree.net and try to go deep into Your heart. Do not pay too much attention to the external world. Do Your own duties: cooking, washing...child, husband...and be inside. Be patient.

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    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    You have to concentrate on what you can do and not what others are doing to others. If your jethani is bad to your mother in law, you should bring it to your husband's notice. That may involve a showdown which you may want to avoid. Then you may want to take over taking care of your mother in law. In that way, jethani is not bothered. The reason she is torturing is because she is having to take care of mother in law, which she doesnt want to do. If you take over, then she will not be able to torture. Trinad api sunichena is not applicable to your jethani's matter. YOu need to be more detached from the situation and think that material world is dukhalayam ashsashwatam, and what is the way to get out from here.

    There is a saying mataji by Sant Kabir - Kabira teri jhopdi, gal katiyan ke paas, jo karenge so bharenge, tu kyun bhaye udaas - meaning Kabira your house is near a buther's place. Each one is responsible for their own actions and suffer or enjoy accordingly, you dont take stress/ feel sad.

    Regarding your friend committing suicide, even in the material world, it is considered bad, what to speak of spiritual world. We have no right to give up this opportunity of human body. Instead of suffering, we have to understand that we have come to the material world to suffer only and therefore, we shoudl utilise this time to re establish our connection with God. If the situation becomes unbearable, then she should have walked out of the marraige, instead of ending her life. Anyways, what has happened has happened. By committing suicide, she has taken on more karma. Now she will be in pret yoni till such time she was to have that human body, then if someone rescues her from that yoni, then she will take another body depending on her karma. If you are feeling bad for her, chant one round extra for her everyday.

    YOu must chant 16 rounds of mahamantra everyday. It dispels fears and doubts and lays the ground for you to prepare for devotional life.

    It is said - pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Do not allow suffering to overcome you.


    Your servant,


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