I don't like to study ...

I did b.tech in computer engg and i am a passout of 2012 batch.

i got in Krsna consciousness in 2009 during kartik month.

i was fine in studies but as i joined b.tech, i start getting backs in many exams.

as i told u, i am a passout of 2012 and now its 2014, still my b.tech is not cleared.

due to this i am unable to do bhakti. as per my mother's wish, i leave chanting during exams and complete my rounds after exams. i don't want to do this materialistic studies.

well, still i study but in exam i forget everything. my mother consulted astrologer, he told me to offer water to sun and your b.tech will get clear.

i do not do it as i have faith on krishna that only by his mercy i will get pass. i know there may be something good in it but my parents complaints that i had spent much time on bhakti during b.tech thatsy it is not cleared. i am fed up of this b.tech.

i always pray to Gauranga to clear my b.tech so that i can do bhakti properly but nothing is happening. what should i do?

Dear Mataji,

Your studies at this time is Your bhakti - devotional service to Krishna.

Please study very good and pass the exams. Krishna does not want to see His Devotees as failures. Please believe it is Bhakti. I do my studies no matter how hard they are.

I studied Computer science, true it was really something very tuft. in 2-3 years i had subjects which i did not pass so had to re study them.

So but last year i worked hard, understood that for Krishna i have to study and pass the exams. As a result i completed my bachelor's and was awarded to study Master's in India free of cost. And now i am in the association of Devotees.

See how wonderfully Krishna arranged. And He is arranging Your life also in that beautiful way. Nothing easy there in this world to achieve.

Every one of us has to work hard to be happy. So please get ready to Your exams. Maybe Your mother is right, You clear up first exams then chant all rounds after exams.

Maybe for whole day long You can be at the Temple and complete Your rounds.

Wish You good luck. And please remember You try Your best but do not be attached to the results. But we have to work hard.

Your servant,

Now i got it. thanks a lot mata ji. your advice is great and genuine. okay i will study hard now. Jaya Gauranga

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