I Dislike One Of Matajis...

i don't know why i m hating X Mataji. if She is near to me my mind is always disturb n b'coz of that i could not able to attentive on that period.but i don't want to hate Her.
i want to make this relation with Her very strong n loving.
whenever i m with my frnds frm my place i talk sometime of here n there- prajalpa.Not control on talking.
First please watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwbFhgIylVQ

We dislike someone because we are envious of that person. We see many talents in that person more than our own selves so because our false ego wants to be the most wonderful person when we see someone better than us we start to dislike that person.
So it is our false ego. And do not worry You are not alone i, and some more people are having the similar problems.
In Jagannatha Puri i also disliked her actions so much that i did not wanted to look at her. And when my anger came to the upper point i told about this to her when right time came. So she understood it and in Vrindavan yatra she was so nice.
Also becoming angry at her at the same time after Jagannatha yatra i prayed for her, wished only good so in that way Krishna softened my heart towards her.
So please forgive her some qualities, and if You dislike some of her actions then find time and explain it to her. Do not keep it in secret.
You sit together and You open Your heart and truly say that You did not liked some of her actions and request her to change some of them towards You.
I did so. So it worked. But we should tell it in proper time and with proper words.

And of course give whatever good You earned in life for her. I mean You pray: "oh Lord please take whatever good pious results i have and make her happy for myself i desire only to have ability and opportunity to serve to Your Devotees and love them".

When we dislike even a single person we won't be able to chant properly. Because only Krishna allows us to hear Him as His Holy Names. Only He allows us to be able to chant attentively. Attentive chanting means associating personally with Krishna. But if we have envy or hatred to one of His Devotees then He won't even look to us. He won't allow us to utter His Names. Because He is upset. He loves His Devotees very much.

So first is our loving exchanges with Devotees and then Krishna jumps from the heart of that Devotee to ours also. 

Your servant, 

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