I Am Pregnant

I am 2nd pregnant now and my date is next month. Now, I am not able to even go to temple. But i feel like having Krishna prasadam. will I be able to have it? My husband is helpless now when I tell him this. This pregnancy, there are also complications. So even he is worried now. Only relief is praying. I wanted to have osme books too to read to divert my mind from all these complications.

very nice that You are pregnant, please take nice care of Your children.

Why did You asked about Prasadam? Indeed You should eat only Prasadam. It is ok not to go the Temple for some time. But take care of Your child. Because he is a DEvotee of Krishna and to serve to a Devotee is very nice.

If we do job honestly Krishna will supply everything needed,please do not worry much about maintenance. Just let You do Your own duty as a mother and chaste wife, and Your husband do his outside job honestly and everything will be enough.

You are Guru to Your kids, because of that please teach them by Your own qualities. They copy Your relationship with Yourhusband. How You associate with Your husband in that way they will associate with You.

So it is very important if wife is very respectful to her husband always.

And when You please Your husband with nice behavior he will get strength to perform his duties. As like You are inspiration to him.

One more soul is coming as Your child so please help him to become free from this samsara of birth and death and go back to home. And please remember that only few souls have chance to take birth in Devotee families. So they are very special souls.

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