How can i rise to the platform of goodness? n i want to study scriptures n apply it in my life plz guide me.

By proper association we can rise up to the mode of goodness and even more.
If we associate with those who are in the mode of goodness then we will also rise to their stage IF:
When we respect people around us and when we are attentive to their needs, desires then surely we will please them and in this way get Krishna from their hearts to our. 
So attentiveness and respect to EACH & EVERY living entity is very essential.
Goodness means we wake up in Brahma muhurta, we eat only pure food offered to Krishna with love; pure cloth; on time sleep; on time food; pure words, no prajalpa; 
Did You read Bhagavad Gita already? if not then please carry One and read at least a verse per day if You do not have time. At least a verse and go continuously. In this way within few month You will complete it. Then You can start reading Srimad Bhagavatam.
Reading is very interesting. It is true these days i am also having less time for reading but still we have to try.

Also we can hear lectures. For example, while bathing and wearing saree and all i try to hear lectures so every moment we have to use.
And of course prayer book or dairy. I hope You are continuing to do that.
Write to Krishna, open Your heart, pray. Whatever you need You have to write to Him. And beg for help.
It is one of 9 main and powerful devotional processes - Vandanam. Very helpful.

And we have to try to chant Holy Names every time, in our mind avoiding other thoughts otherwise this world is boring. When we start to think of some things we get depressed. We feel unhappiness. Because of that always we have to chant the Holy Names and hear Them not allowing mind to be free. 

Your servant, 

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