How to overcome ANGER & Envy?

how to overcome anger and envy

 please help

***by eating only food cooked with love and offered to Krishna.

***by gaining knowledge of Bhagavad Gita - which teaches about karma etc.

***by chanting attentively.

...even if we envy others we won't get something good out of that.

***envy goes away when we serve with love and devotion to those whom we are envious.

We get as much as it is allowed by our karma not less not more.

So there is no need for being envious towards others.

Anger and envy will keep us in this world of sufferings.

So we have to try to control them and make our goal higher things like achieving love Krishna and going back to Him.

In the reality each of us are very unique souls, persons. Each of us have beautiful, spiritual bodies so no need to be angry or envious to other because of some material things. They are all temporary.

Your servant,

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