Guru from ISKCON?

 I seriously want to make one, How can I do this. I want someone from ISKCON community only. If you dont min, can I make you Guru and be your disciple.

Usually in our life there are many Gurus.

Guru can be different types like:

1. Vartmapradakshika Guru - one who first introduced to us Krishna.

2. Shiksha Guru - one who gives us knowledge about Krishna.

3. Diksha Guru - one who initiates us and promises to take us back to Godhead.

So diksha Guru is one. But shiksha Gurus we can have many. Intelligent person learns even animals, like devotion of a dog is exemplary quality....selflessness of a cow....

In the reality all people who surround us are our Gurus. They are teaching us something. But if we are attentive to that.

But Diksha Guru we have to accept officially and diksha we can accept only from a Devotee Guru who is coming from bona fide parampara.

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