Drugs With Animal Products

 I have been prescribed a capsule by one of the good doctor which may consists of animal products. non veg is prohibited? what to do if it contains in medicines?

i donno know wheter to take or not.please tell me what to do.

When Srila Prabhupada was a child he become very much sick and one of doctors told to feed him with chicken soup. So relatives tried to put chicken soup to his mouth but even being a child Prabhupada refused, cried to take sinful soup to his mouth. And seeing that his father also was sad. And he stopped others from forcing the child and took his son to the front of Radha Krishna Deities and prayed with tears on his eyes requesting to make him healthy. 

After some time Abhay Charan became healthy.

So we have to think of this.

But if Your disease is too serious then there is no way and You have to save Your life by even committing a sin of killing other animals. It is for saving Your life. But it should be done if there is emergency. 

What is the problem? What is Your sickness?

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