Chastity means...

How to be a chaste and faithful woman in our daily life? I mean, take steps to be one.

Also, how to develop chastisity from childhood?

From childhood girls learns everything from mother's attitude to her father. Mother can tell her daughter to be chaste but if she does not show an example she can not teach her to be so. So actions of a mother towards father is very important.


Chastity means:

woman sees some other men better than her own husband but still remains faithful to her own husband and continues to do her duties before him. Even knowing other men better than her own husband.

Chastity means to perform wife's duties before a husband.

And wife's duties are to take care of family members, children, house, wash, cook, become a teacher to kids, teach them to read write, to teach them to respect father and other elders; to think good of a husband, ...so basically nice wife and nice mother. As for example, sometimes husband and wife fight with each other. Sometimes it happens but chaste wife even if this happens she continue to do her duties house, kids, washing, cooking, even though remains little bit cold mentally with her husband. So it is the process. No matter what she does her duties.

For the sake of please Krishna. As like Arjuna did his own duties for the sake of pleasing Krishna our duty is to be come good wives and mothers so we have to do that.

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