I am 35 years of age, married and have two sons.

My educational qualification is Diploma in Mechanical. Presently I am working in an MNC company as a Senior Engineer. I came to know about Krishna consciousness through the book of HDG Bhakti Vikasa swami. 

Presently I face following difficulties in life. Request your advise.

1) I like to chant Hare krishna mantra. In fact for 6 months I would get up at 4AM and chant 16 rounds. But later I felt that I should utilise my time for continuning my education instead of chanting for 2 hours.

I got this feeling because all of my friends are continuning their education and going ahead in their material life (like job, salary, good post in the company etc).

2) In my work place I am cheated by my superiors (they pay me less and take more work). But whereas my other colleagues who dont chant or worship get good promotion, get good chance i.e time to continue their education. all these factors disturb my mind and I feel that Krishna is not caring for me. Hence i get disturbed very heavily when I decide to chant Hare Krishna.

3) Presently my job demands work for 12 hours. Hence I get very limited time to concentrate on my studies.

Now I am in a dilemma, whether should I decide to chant or decide to study, as i have only 2 to 3 hours in a day to do my personal things. Please advise which is better for me. I am totally lost!

The amount of wealth which we have to get is already destined by our karma. 

So while doing our material duties better to think of our duties rather than money. When we do our duties with love and care then the quality of our work will be very nice.

Later people will love that person's qualifications in this one may start to earn nicely also.

So ask Yourself a question Prabhu:

What is Your dharma? Who You are? What is Your profession; what is Your duty before God and others?

And what You like to do mostly, for others?

How You want to help to others with which Your abilities.

Devotees at least chant minimum 16 rounds daily no matter what.

If our work is not allowing us to chant 16 rounds then we are doing over job. So we should find some solution.

If You want to have a better job then it is true You have to study Prabhu.

Why to work 12 hours? and do not have time for chanting? What is the use in such job?

Whole life will be spend for doing job and earning money.

Usually 8 - 10 hours job is better.

if You have nice education then You will have better job also, no?!

But NO MATTER WHAT 16 rounds should be done all.

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    In your situation, would it be possible for you to utilise the in transit time, when you are commuting from home to office and back, to chant. I know the quality will not be very good, but if you can utilise that time to chant, maybe on a clicker and not on beads, then you can study when you wake up early at home and chant while commuting.

    You may be going out with your family to outings on weekends. Maybe you can think of going to the local ISKCON temple. Pls find out the timings for Sunday feast and maybe, as a family, everyone goes and attends the sunday feast lecture and then gets prasadam and returns. This will serve 3 purposes - you get association, you get knowledge from lectures, you get to spend time with your family and you all get free prasadam - good time out for family. Initially, family members may not be interested, maybe gently you can cajole them into coming. If they resist, maybe you can begin with once a month and then try to go more often.

    According to me, if you do these efforts, if Krsna can see the endeavour from your side, then His mercy will shower on you and maybe you can get a better paying, lesser time consuming job which will allow you to spend more time in devotional activities and necessary updation and further studies.

    You know your situation best, I am simply giving some pointers through which you can achieve both, devotional and karmi goals.


    Your servant,


  • Volunteer

    I understand from your mail that now I should do the following on priority: -

    1) Search for a job which has decent working hours (8-9 hours).

    2) Then in the remaining time upgrade education level so that there will be no danger in job losing.

    3) After completing education, practice chanting 16 rounds of Hare krishna mantra.


    Am i right in my understanding? Please advise.

    yes, please try to find a job with lesser hours than 12.

    Also if Your studies will help You in getting better job then if i were You i would continue and do austerity but study.

    Chanting should be daily, regularly. We do not know when we will die. And there won't be time when money which we earn will be sufficient. 

    So better not to keep our Japa depended on material things, duties...

    "chanting no MATTER WHAT" 

    Your servant,

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