Why flood came in KedarNath uttarAkhand ?

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We have seen that thousands of people have died in flood & millions have been suffering from flood, So the question arises, why this natural disaster ?People may say, that various sorts of pollution because of increase of consumerism, materialistic civilization & exploiting the natural resources, misusing it, playing with nature & various other reasons are responsible for natural disaster,but actually Nature is controlled by GOD & when we dont behave properly, according to vedic injunctions, its rules & regulations then we all are subjected to sufferings.it is said in Srimad Bhagavatam 7.13.31Materialistic activities are always mixed with three kinds of miserable conditions —These threefold miseries are1. adhidaivika miseries suffered by mental calamity at the hands of the demigods [such as freezing wind and scorching heat], adhidaivika miseries, caused by higher authorities such as the demigods. There may be famine, earthquake, flood, pestilence—so many things.2. adhibautika miseries offered by other living entities, other human beings.3. adhyatmika miseries arising from the mind and body themselves. like tension , depression, unsatisfaction because of unfulfilled material desires of sense enjoyment.it is said in Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 5.14.25Being unable to protect himself from the threefold miseries of material existence, the conditioned soul becomes very morose and lives a life of lamentation.The so-called happy materialistic person is constantly having to endure, suffer the threefold miseries of life, Actually no one can counteract these threefold miseries. All three may attack a person at one time, or one misery may be absent and the other present. Thus the living entity is full of anxiety, fearing misery from one side or the other. The conditioned soul must be disturbed by at least one of these three miseries. There is no escape.so In this material world we are always suffering under threefold miseries. Being covered by illusion, by the modes of material nature, we do not take account of these miseries. However, we should always know that in the material world we are undergoing so much suffering.One who has sufficiently developed consciousness, who is intelligent, inquires why he is suffering. “I do not want miseries. Why am I suffering?” When this question arises, then there is chance for becoming Krsna conscious.”Śrīmad BhāgavatamHis Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda, Founder Ācārya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness

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