The Illustrated Guide to the Vedic Universe

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The Illustrated Guide to the Vedic Universe is a first-of-its-kind attempt to bring the vastness of the ancient world known through the Vedas, into a comprehensive, concise, authoritative, visual guide.see link've probably seen illustrated guides to the Star Wars universe, the Lord of the Rings universe, the Harry Potter universe, and many other fictional worlds. The books on Dinosaurs and other historical or cultural environments are also structured and presented in similar fashion.These types of books contain descriptions of the history and special features of that "world" and many colorful illustrations of the main characters, creatures, animals, places, weapons, magical items, special powers, etc.This is the same type of book, but based in the Vedic universe!More than just an academically authoritative work, the book will be filled with beautiful, living, colorful illustrations of the subjects, as they would be in person.This book will further function as an aid and authoritative guide to any and all derivative works (Media, Publications) which may be produced in the future by ourselves or others.The book itself will be approx. 400 pages and contain between 800-1,000 illustrations from our pool of qualified artists.The funds required are to cover the costs of the artists, researchers and publishing.We only need 308 friends to pre-purchase the book at $35 to reach our goal and make this awesome project a reality!Anyone who wants to see a Mahabharata movie, or a Ramayan video game, or a Broadway Bhagavad-Gita, or an interactive VR tour of the Vedic Cosmos, or be part of building the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium, or have cool toys of Ksatriyas and famous figures like Bhima, Arjuna, Krishna, and cool chariots and weapons, to make into toys for your kids, or have comic books for them to read that are accurate and beautifully done... all these things can be spun off from this project.So please, if you ever want to see any of these things in real life, support this project! We're only doing it because we love you

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