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sriman rasa-rasarambhi vamsi-vata-tata-sthitah
karshan venu-svanair gopir gopinathah sriye ’stu nah
Sri Srila Gopinatha, who originated the transcendental mellow of the rasa dance, stands on the shore in Vamsivata and attracts the attention of the cowherd damsels with the sound of His celebrated flute. May they all confer upon us their benediction. (Caitanya Caritamrita Adi 1.17)
Shukla paksha Navami in the month of Vaishakha is the auspicious day when one of Mahaprabhu’s associates, Srila Madhu Pandit, left this material world and entered into the eternal pastimes of the lord. Shrila Madhu Pandit, who was a disciple of Srila Gadadhar Pandit, resided in Shridham Vrindavan, always immersed in Krishna Prema.
Once, Shri Paramananda Bhattacharya, another disciple of Gadadhar Pandit and a close friend of Madhu Pandit discovered the deity of Gopinath, who is the presiding deity for Prayojan tattva, at Vamshivat. This deity of Gopinath was originally carved by Vishwakarma and installed by Vajranabh, the great-grandson of Krishna, but in due course of time, the deity was lost and was later rediscovered by Paramanada Bhattacharya. He conferred the service of Gopinath upon Shri Madhu Pandit, who was totally enchanted by the beauty of the deity and dedicated his life and soul to the service of Gopinath. He then began to serve them very nicely and also arranged for a temple to be built for them. It is also said that Madhu Pandit was very dedicated to Tulsi devi and wore a jacket and cap made of Tulsi, which can still be seen in Jaipur.
In this way, he continued serving the deities of Gopinath, Shrimati Radharani, and Anaga Manjari, the younger sister of Radharani, till the time when he brought his pastimes in this world to an end and entered into Samadhi on this auspicious day. His Samadhi is still present in Radha Gopinath temple and can be visited by the Vaishnavas to get his blessings for making advancement in spiritual life.

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