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Dear Devotees,Dandavat pranams. Jay Srila Prabhupada!HH Purnacandra Maharaja is still in coma and it seems that there is not muchthat the doctors can do to get him out of it. He is on life support, but thedoctors at this point are not talking about discontinuing with life support.The problem in Moscow is getting the right information from the doctorsbecause they are reluctant to speak about his predicament as Maharaja is anAmerican citizen, without any 'legal' representative in Russia. The devotees(HH Niranjana Swami and now the devotees in Moscow), however, have managedto contact Maharaja's father who is willing to give the 'power of attorney'to a devotee in Moscow, and this will give his 'guardian' an opportunity and(most importantly) authority to speak with doctors and get more informationabout the chances for his recovery.Doctors have checked his reflexes and it seems that Maharaja is responsive,which is a good sign. As to the chances for his full recover, we have towait and see and, most importantly, depend on Lord's mercy.At the moment, devotees, with the help of some highly placed people inMoscow, are trying to arrange for Maharaja an Mp3 player, so that he couldlisten to bhajans, which was initially very difficult to achieve as Russianauthorities were very strict on this point (no foreign object in thereanimation department). It might be possible to arrange for apriest/devotee in the room as well (who could read to Maharaja).Maharaja is in the best hospital in Moscow, and devotees are doing theirbest to help him out: by being in touch with the doctors, praying andholding daily kirtans, trying to connect with friends of devotees at highplaces who could help out, etc.Furthermore, on the recommendation of Shyamasundara das (the astrologer)there special homas are being held for HH Purnacandra Maharaja (to bringPurnacandra Gosvami back from the coma and to restore him to full health) inSrirangam, India.Please, continue with your prayers, so that our merciful Lord (if He sowhishes) may speed up Maharaja's recovery and give him many more years ofservice in the sankirtan movement.Your servant,Yugal kisora dasa

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