Krishna Sambandha: Lalasamayi (by NarottamA Das Thakur).

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The innovative Chilean group Krishna Sambandha, exponent of the sounds of India, will present his first album in NESCAFÉ De las Artes Theater, with a unique concert to be held on Saturday March 21 at 21:00 hrs.Through melodies, percussion and singing classical and devotional compositions, the audience is transported to the sacred lands of India, in an atmosphere of meditation, joy and spiritual bliss.The concert in this famed theater will be a very special meeting as it will present Krishna Sambandha's first album, which was recorded in "Estudios Del Sur", recognized as one of the best studios in Latin America.The debut album of the group was led by prominent Chilean producer Christopher manhey, who received a Grammy for his work as an engineer in "Dejame llorar" by Mexican artist Carla Morrison, elected in 2012 for Best Alternative Music Album.The show will feature visual projections in the same backdrop used to transmit the Opera in New York, making this an unforgettable experience.The group presents over 10 classic instruments from North India -unique in Chile, such as the Sitar (20 strings), Santoor (with 90 strings), Surbahar (20 strings), Tabla (North Indian drums) , Mrdanga (devotional drum from Bengal), Moorsing (mouth's harp), Kartalas (hand cymbals), Harmonium (winded keyboard); Gatam (clay vessel used to strike), pakhawaj (South Indian drum), Swar Mandal (15-string instrument); Tambura (4-string instrument), etc.Facebook, Istagram, Twiter,

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