Hare Krishna Brighton greets Boy George in Brighton, April 2010

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The Hare Krishna local devotees of Brighton welcomed Boy George and his band mates with a cake baked by Sita Thakurani dasi as well as harinam.Boy George gave us 7 free tickets but there were nine of us. What to do ? It's all Krishna's mercy. A lady came up to us during harinam to give us 2 tickets free of charge. Another anonymous stopped one of us to give a donation whilst we were chanting and dancing waiting to enter the concert hall.Towards the end, Boy George had all his audience listened and chanted the maha mantra, HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE with him.

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