संघर्ष और बलिदान की प्रतिमूर्ति, दो बहनों की कहानी आइये सुनें अटूट भक्ति की प्रेरणा उन्हीं की जुबानी

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****** About Aishwarya Madaan and Mohini Madaan***** 🔹 Born in Surat, Aishwarya Madaan and Mohini Madaan have travelled and stayed in Ujjain and Pune with their parents. Mohini suffers from a severe neuro-muscular condition called Muscular Dystrophy since birth, is wheelchair-bound since 7 years, uses respiratory equipment since 3 years, and has had 2 major critical hospitalisations in the past 5 years. Aishwarya is a Chartered Accountantby profession (All India Rank 38 in Intermediate) and left her job at Ernst & Young after a few months of qualification to care for Mohini due to her declining health.

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