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The best way to practically realise eternal bliss is when we start serving Lord Krishna and the mission engaged in distributing His mercy. As jiva-atma, our constitutional position is to serve the supreme Lord.

We encourage you to take this practical step, irrespective of your devotional level. One does not need to be an advanced devotee to serve Lord Krishna. We all are parts and parcel of Lord Krishna and hence anyone can serve in any situation of his life. Following are the ways you can serve Lord Krishna thro this website:

By your time:

Spare some time from your routine life and serve Lord Krishna by giving your time. There are many services that you can do sitting at home or your work place. You need not be a techie or a scholar. For more write to Do write about your self, your location, your skills and the type of seva you have linking for. We have lot of varieties of sevas and we would suggest you appropriate seva that will help you come closer to Lord Krishna.

By money:

Donation: This website is developed and maintained by voluntary donations of ISKCON devotees. We do not burden any temple or organisation for expenses. We sincerely appeal to you to donate generously. To know more click here. You may also recommend your family members and friends to donate generously and get blessings of Lord Krishna.

Advertisement: If you own a company or a business or if you work in a company, you can place an advertisement on our website and can thus help us get some money that will help us to run our website and thus serve the mission of Lord Krishna. 

By content:

You can share devotional photos, videos, blogs, news & audio and help others become Krishna conscious. To know more about how to add content click here.

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