Youth Reconnect at the Haveli


In mid September as the summer drew to a close, 55 of the Manor youth gathered in the Sri Krishna Haveli to meet old friends and new at the aptly named “Reconnect” event. The gathering saw both Manor nursery and Gurukul alumni, and many others who have also been born and raised in the Manor community, get together to engage in energising activities, deep discussion, rocking kirtan and delicious prasadam. This event came about after a longing of the youth to gather more frequently and connect more deeply than has been possible this last 18 months and beyond.

An elated attendee commented “I’ve never been to an event like this at the Manor before, this was so amazing”. This event hopes to be the first in a long line of regular gatherings put together by the Youth Connection Sanga group, namely Namamali Harrison, Trisha Motah, Krsnananda Smith and Kalindi Hammond. The group aims to connect and inspire youth aged 17-30 who have grown up in Krishna Consciousness.


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