Every day each and every one of us has so many wants.  For myself I want to place myself in a good position in order to chant on my meditation beads in the most attentive and effective way.  So I came up with something that is relaxing, comfortable and practical.  In a physical sense as well as mental this works for me.  I sit on a good chair with a fairly nice back support. It gets my bottoms off the cold floor plus it’s hard to sometimes make that smooth transition going up when you get older.
I then place the same type of firm chair, a second one, facing the one I’ll sit on and place my legs on this one leaving me in a lotus position.  I find it really works.
I’m getting my wants met, at least one, in the morning hours.
In our Bhagavatam class this morning we talked about how it’s often hard to get people on a meat-eating diet to consider a plant-based one.  The response is often, “I really need my protein.”  One answer that I came up with is, “well, you’ve got plenty of Covid-19 in the atmosphere so there’s no problem.”  Of course, it’s not funny, but, some truth lies in it.  Besides most people just have too much protein in their diet.  It becomes detrimental to one’s health.

My point being here is that if you want something you can get it.  God supplies.

My afternoon walking session brought me to the Annex, west of the ashram, as I was curious to know, ‘are more people walking in other areas like what’s east of me?’  I wanted to know.  What I found out is that in fact there is a lot more pedestrianism going on in all directions during this pandemic, which is good.
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