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Yogini Ekadashi Vrat katha is mentioned in the Brahma Vivarta Purana. Yogini Ekadasi, observed on Krishna Paksh of Ashad month in North Indian Hindi calendars, is the most important Ekadashi vrat to get rid of diseases and ailments.

Significance and importance of Yogini Ekadasi Vrata was narrated by Lord Sri Krishna to Yudhistira (Dharmaraj). Krishna told the story of Hemamali, a Yaksha who was working at Kubera, the King of Alakapuri. Hemamali was very much attracted towards his gorgeous wife, Swarupavati and neglected his daily duties that he was allocated to do for his master Kuber.

Hemamali’s daily work was to bring flowers from Manasarovar Lake. His master identified his carelessness towards his duties and asked one of his servants to go to his house and enquire. The servant went to Hemamali’s house and came to Kuber and informed that the reason of his negligence in his duties is his gorgeous wife. Kubera called Hemamali and cursed him to suffer from white leprosy and to separate from his wife. Thus Hemamali suffered from the terrible disease and separated from his wife.

When he met Sage Markandeya (Markandeya Maharshi), he suggested him to observe Yogini Ekadasi Vrata. Hemamali observed the fast on Ashadha Krishna Ekadasi and got rid of the dangerous infection and became a handsome Yaksha. He lived his rest of life happily with his wife.
A fast on today is whispered to assist in cleaning away the sins committed along with main a religious life.
Yogini Ekadasi Food - What might be eaten on Yogini Ekadashi?
Yogini Ekadasi, or Yogini Ekadashi, is a vital Upvaas (quick) dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Thousands and thousands of Hindu devotees observe Ekadasi, which is considered highly favorable by Lord Vishnu devotees or sadhak. The traditional approach is usually to refrainfrom meals utterly on the day. But nowadays a whole fast is just not possible for many people. This kind of people devour certain meals items on the Yogini Ekadasi day and observe solely a fractional fast.
It's supposed that sprite Mura found a dwelling place within the rice and Lord Vishnu appeared in the type of Yogini Ekadasi to annihilate Mura. Due to this fact devotees who quick on the Ekadashi day keep away from meals made out of grains. Many devotees resulting from several causes - like well being and job commitments - observe fractional quick on the day. These kinds of people avoid non-vegetarian and food items made out of beans, pulses and grains, especially rice. Probably the most most well-liked Yogini Ekadasi fasting meals in western parts of India is Sabudana Khichadi with potatoes or batata and ground nut - however no onion and garlic.
The meals that may be consumed on the Ekadasi day consists of recent and dried fruits, milk merchandise, greens and nuts.
As the checklist of Yogini Ekadasi meals expands there shall be new points cropping up like - Are you certain this can be consumed on Yogini Ekadasi?
Therefore the golden rule is keep away from pulses and grains on Yogini Ekadasi.
Drink a lot of water and eat recent and dried fruits.
In Hinduism faith, Upvaas is supposed to carry a person close to Brahman. So overlook in regards to the guidelines and rules and what you will acquire from the Yogini Ekadashi fast. Use up the day body.
This Yogini Ekadashi day you perform Lakshmi Puja, Kuber Puja, Kanakdhara Puja, Lakshmi-Narayana Puja. Perform on this day Puja If you facing wealth, business and finance related problems.
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