Every year Bhaktivedanta Manor’s Temple Council selects applicants to receive grants towards a variety of worthy projects.

This year the Manor supported the following exciting projects:

ISKCON Youth Euro Bus Tour 2024

ISKCON Youth Bus Tours have been run since 1995 and has been vital in inspiring many members of the next generation. About fifty youth travel for one month visiting 12 ISKCON temples across 9 European countries.  They participate in harinam sankirtan (public chanting) in the local towns, help with mini festivals and of course, kirtan. The program makes new global connections and deepens spirituality through sanga.

Sri Mayapur Community Hospital

This project will offer world-class health services in the holy dham of Mayapur, at affordable cost. It is promoted by Sridhanm Mayapur Development Foundation, fully owned by ISKCON.


The hospital’s services will great benefit devotees, locals and the many pilgrims to this very holy place in West Bengal. There will also be a positive local socio-economic impact, including job creation

Art exhibit and illustrated book

Radhadesh, the ISKCON temple community in Belgium, is home to one of the Museum of Sacred Art (MOSA) exhibitions. Talented Annapurna dasi has painted no less that 305 watercolours and her work will be framed and displayed on site, by MOSA.

At the opening of the new exhibit, the book Illuminations from the Ramayan will be launched. The beautiful book will not only include the work of Annapurna dasi, but chapters discussing ,for example, The Ramayan in Vaishnava traditions and Hindu culture as a whole.


For more information:

Kapila Monet
Chair of the Temple Council
 “This is one of my favourite times of the year, because we get to hear about many wonderful devotee projects and provide a few with meaningful support,” said Kapila.

Source: https://www.krishnatemple.com/manor-supports-worthy-projects/

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