World Holy Name Week 2014 - Celebrated Globally

This year ISKCON celebrated Holy Names globally for World Holy Name Week, which took place from the 5th to15th of September. This year we have seen fairly increased participation, many more Holy Name events and much more enthusiasm and excitement in devotees all over the world for WHNW. So far we have received reports from more than 50 ISKCON centers, covering every single continent of the world. We are receiving reports every day. We are very sure that many more centers have participated but didn't report yet.
Many wonderful and inspiring events took place all over the globe between 5th -15th of September. Here are a few:
  1. Holyname events in Schools and Colleges (Thousands of students were introduced to chanting of Holy Names)
  2. Interfaith dialogues on Holy Names
  3. 64 rounds a day Japathons
  4. Maha-Harinaam Nagar Sankirtans 
  5. 24/12 hours non-stop kirtan 
  6. Daily Nagar Sankirtans for 10 Days
  7. Japa walks
  8. Kirtan Melas
  9. Seminars on Holy Names
  10. Skits and Dramas on Holy Names
  11. Japa Booths
  12. Holy Name educational courses
  13. Quiz/Games on Holy Names
During WHNW thousands of devotees reinvigorated their relationship with Sri Naam Prabhu (Holy Names) and thousands of fortunate souls, for the first time in their lives, got introduced to the holy names, which is the only means of deliverance in this age. Increased participation is direct reflection of increased awareness among devotee communities. Social media & online publicity played a crucial role in this effort. Also many leaders/Sanyasis in ISKCON were involved in WHNW campaigning this year. We thank every single devotee for their participation
Vision is to establish WHNW as an internationally recognized event, which will attract the attention of masses and leaders of the societies; and bring them closer to Holy names. This will also glorify and establish Srila Prabhupada as a global ambassador of Holy Names. To fulfill this vision a joint effort is required to spread the word about this potent festival which can take Holy Name to every village and town. WHNW team is planning for a grand celebration of Holy Names globally in coming years and especially 2016, which will mark 50th anniversary of Srila Prabhupada bringing Holy Names to the west. For this grand promotion and campaign is required. We request everyone to participate whole heatedly.
Please visit for the reports and hundreds of pictures!
Thank you very much.
Your servant
Divyanam Das
(Communications Global, WHNW)
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