Why we worship ,the Personal God ?

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Why should we offer worship to Bhagavan  by austerities like *Nama-japam* ,  *Pooja* , etc ? . Isn't it sufficient just to remember Him always ?.



Srimad Ramayanam's *Aranyakandam*  section, contains *Lakshmanopadesam* ( Advice to Lakshmana) Sri Rama, Sita-devi and Lakshmana were living in the forest One day, Lakshmana requested Sri Rama to advise about the universal principle.

Sri Rama first describes the *Yoga-Maya* ( Bhagavan's illusionary potency) that operates the universe. Then He says:

·         " Bhakti is the best option to attain *Mukti* ( ultimate liberation from birth and death).

·         Though we have eyes, we still need light to see at night . So to see with the inner-eyeBhakti is necessary . How do we attain Bhakti ? . By associating with the Bhaktas.

·         What we hear from others,  grows in our mind as worldly desires . When we associate with Bhaktas, most our talks are about Bhakti related mattersSo our mind will be thinking more about Bhakti  To consolidate this thought in mind, we need to perform austerities like Deity-worship involving,  fasting,  Puja, Nama-japam, etc .

·         Puja, bowing down, thinking about Bhagavan, becoming a servant to Bhagavan, etc followed by enjoying of His tasty *Prasadam*  result in the blossoming of  Bhakti . Such efforts should come from Bhakta Then *Jnanam* ( knowledge) and *Vijnanam* ( practical applications of such  knowledge) automatically manifest in the mind . This will enable the Bhakta to attain *Mukti* ( ultimate liberation from birth and death) .

Bhagavan Sri Rama advises  Lakshmana to teach the above principle to other all Bhaktas even without being asked .

Bhagavan Sri Krishna says this in Bhagavad Gita ( 12.5-9) :

·         "Those people  meditating the Brahman   (formless Brahman) , experience great difficulty because it  is very troublesome for the embodied Men to concentrate on the formless un-manifested Brahman .

·         But, to Krishna-bhaktas  who worship Me as `Personal God' , surrendering  all actions to Me ; setting Me as their supreme goal, and meditating on Me with single minded devotion ;  I give swift deliverance from this ocean of birth and death.

·         So,  fix your mind on Me, and establish your intelligence in Me alone. Then you will abide solely in Me. There is no doubt about it."

·         To  steadily fix the mind on Me, then seek to attain Me through the yoga of repeated Spiritual practice (such as a repetitive  `ritual' like Nama-japam)."


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