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  • Hare krishna,PAMHO AGTSP!

    Thank you very much for kindly answer,actualy how to tell to a totaly new in krishna counsciouss ,the person ask this question,i think i should suggest to read BG ,thank you very much for all answer,Aananta koti vaishnava vrinda ki jai,jai srila prabupada ,jai sri guru and gauranga,,hari bol!

    trying to serve 


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    Hare Krishna subhkrtdas prabhu, u r ri8 2 say dat no one is free from it, but what I meant to say is, a Krishna conscious person is never agitated by it. There is pain and disease, but he never grieves for he has received the spiritual bliss. This feeling of bliss is the direct proof of the germination of Krishna consciousness within u. A krishna conscious person is impervious to sufferings and pains. Pain can no more intimidate a true devotee.
  • hare krsna


    krsna is very kind  he wants us to come back tohim but we want to enjoy seprate from him

    like in material world there is law those who dont obey they are put in the prison house but the _overnment maintains it similarly we as part and parcel  want to enjoy seprate from him thats why he made this material world when we really want krsna and want to be back to the spiritual world most of us want to stay here and ehjoy seprate from krsna whats the centre of happiness in this world sensual hapiness

    but it is the cause of sufferin_ only birth death old a_-e and disease how ever he may be well situated in hi-h position the sufferin- is there no one is free from it

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    Hare Krishna mataji!!! It's all about on which thought ur mind is dwelling. If ur mind is engrossed in this world and if it can't give any room to Krishna, u r amidst the pains of this mundane world, if ur mind is dwelling on the thought of Krishna, u'll elevated to a transcendental plane of super-consciousness. The world that is appearing in mundane consciouness will vanish like vapour. So it's all relative. There was a day, when I used to curse this world filled with threefold griefs. I used to question why I'm standing here, so pitiable,so wretched, so crest-fallen amidst a hostile nature. It's all due to the delusions that I hv undergone in my previous births, the delusion that I took this world to be true and the be-all and end-all.But when I received the matchless gift of Krishna consciousness, this same world for me became a divine playground of Krishna. It's all about a game where profit and loss are like players and I stand as an indifferent spectator, enjoying their game, enjoying being here and never affected by any mischief of fortune. As Milton said,"The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven." Ur question is a good one, the better one is, Why my mind is here? So give ur mind a new direction towards Krishna consciousness, it's all about neutralizing the effects of ur past actions(Prarabdha) and then, u'll find urself smwhere else.
  • if possible would like to get with explain,because i would like to answer back to who is not yet krishnacounsciouss person,thank you veyr much,hari bol,jai srila prabupada,jai guru dev,
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