Why Our Wishes Are Not Granted?

Question: Why Our Wishes Are Not  Granted?



I am a reader of your "Thought for the Day" emails daily. My questions are:
1. While we are in this material body why don't we get our wishes granted by Krishna?

2. Can't we simply use our free will to get back our original spiritual body without having to undergo any kind of training?

Thank you

Answer: Get What You Deserve, Not What is Desired

Our prayers are granted in accordance with what we deserve, not what we desire. 

Spiritual body means only spiritual desires with no material desires. Therefore to qualify for being reinstated in your original spiritual body you must be restored to your original pure identity in which you are completely free from all material desires. This requires a lifetime of training.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari


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  • krishna is our father and he dont want there childrens to be spoiled like we dont want from our childrens, our wants and wishes are unlimited, even we dont know at present movement how much they go on, so only krishna know what is good for his child, we should not see only material wants but also spiritual wants.

    Hari bol !

  • haribol
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