Why Krishna recommends Bhakti-yoga to His Bhaktas?

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here are many reasons why Bhagavan Sri Krishna considered *Bhakti-Yoga* (the path of devotion) the most suitable path for the people. First of all, it gives much contentment to the practitionerA contented person will have enthusiasm and vigourSuch a person will be very optimistic and endowed with an adventurous mind. Their attitude is that life and everything that happens in life is a gift, and this gives them immense patience and strengthUnlike those who pursue other paths, such a one does not believe that happiness is a right to which he or she is entitledAs far as they are concerned, there are no rights, there are only gifts. This attitude helps them to accept everything as Bhagavan's  gift, both good and bad, and also instills them with courage and faithSuch a person will have a loving and compassionate heart, a childlike innocence and a pleasing nature. Not wanting to injure anyone or hurt anybody's feelings, he or she cannot harm anyoneThey will also have the power to renounce comforts and pleasures for the happiness and peace of others. He or she will have the mental ability and balance to remain calm and quiet when adversity arisesHe or she practices acceptance, for such a one's attitude is that life and everything that happens in life is a gift, not a rightBhagavan can permanently dwell in the heart of such a devotee thus elevating him to a Rishi.

Bhagavan Sri Krishna says in Srimad Bhagavad Gita 9.34 : "Always absorb your mind in Me(Krishna), become My Bhakta,  offer obeisances to Me and worship Me . In this way, being completely absorbed in Me , you will certainly attain  Me." .


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