By Jayadvaita Swami

I was neutral, ambivalent and uncommitted about getting a vaccination for COVID-19. On one hand, the available vaccines have been well tested and shown highly effective. On the other hand, they have not had the benefit of long-term testing, the kind that goes on for years. We do not know how long their effectiveness will last, how effective they may be against variants, and what side effects might show up in the long term.

Apart from that, it seemed that if I came down with COVID I might wind up with one of two results – either I would get over it within two months or I would die. And I considered either outcome acceptable.

But now we’re seeing widespread evidence of a third result: so-called long-tail or long-haul COVID, in which one recovers from the disease but suffers side effects that can be seriously troublesome or debilitating and may last for no one knows how many months or years. I’m close with several devotees thus afflicted.

Protection against long-haul COVID seemed to me to outweigh the uncertainties and the small inconvenience of the vaccination. And so I’ve had my two jabs. And the rest is up to Krishna.

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=94384

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  • Why I Decided that Getting Vaccinated Against Covid-19 Was the Wrong Choice for Me.
    By Mahotsaha das (ACBSP)

    I am a practitioner with western science degrees and oriental medicine registration working in a hospital in Sydney. I am not an anti-vaxer but I have benefited from exposure to critical thinking with respect to the types of so-called vaccines that are claimed to be essential to our health, by the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical conglomerates.

    There is no scientific evidence to substantiate any claims of safety or efficacy with these new untested vaccines, especially in any long term consideration.

    There is strong theory and extrapolated evidence presented by virologists and many senior scientists world wide that runs contrary to a vaccine wellbeing scenario. The verdict is still out on whether these vaccines will help us long term, or kill us for that matter. I urge any devotee to research and consider deeply when allured by promised freedom by governments and airlines after vaccination.

    Srila Prabhupada did take protein vaccines at times. Those vaccines were proven safe after years of testing prior to Srila Prabhupada’s exposure to them.

    As devotees promise not to gamble, I urge you to be patient and wait for conclusive proof that these vaccines will not harm human beings and especially will not hurt our precious devotees.

    If death is unacceptable to you because you are preaching for Prabhupada and enthusiastically serving the devotees, eliminate negative odds and choose a naturally orientated immunity - strengthen with Vitamin D, C and Zinc. Refer to the many safe and effective remedies for Covid19 exposure, as recommended by the experts who can be found on independent media sources.
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