We have to remind ourselves again and again who we are and who we are not.

Most people seek only to increase their sense gratification rather than to understand who they are.

Everyone is in a rush going nowhere.

If people can understand their bodies are changing but they are not changing, that is a second birth.

If we cannot give up hankering and lamenting and see all people on the spiritual plane, we cannot begin devotional service. [Bhagavad-gita 18.54]

Neither Brahma nor the insignificant ant is satisfied with his standard of sense gratification.

Everyone is seen, either as a friend or an enemy, in terms of whether they can help us in our God project.

Loving the holy name begins with paying attention.

Paying attention to Krishna also means paying attention to what Krishna wants.

A relationship means surrender. Without surrender, there is no relationship.

We cannot live in the association of devotees and not like any of them.

We please the devotees who are trying to please Krishna in disciplic succession.

If we are in the mood of wanting to help others to become Krishna consciousness we are properly situated.

We are simply the servant of the servant, and we trying to help others to become Krishna conscious.

We are thinking of ourselves as controllers, but we are always frustrated because it is difficult to control anything in this world.

We should not think, “I have made so many devotees, I have distributed so many books, I am such a great devotee, I do not know how Krishna will ever repay me.”

Everyone is thinking they are saving some part of the universe. The parents think they are saving their children. The guru is thinking he is saving his disciples.

We have to give up the conception being controllers, enjoyers, and saviors, in order to engage in pure devotional service.

We have to see if the symptoms of the disease of material existence are decreasing and that we are not just doing sense gratification in the name of devotional service.

Whatever maya we are in, we should regulate it and reduce it.

Varnasrama is meant to bring us to the point of understanding the value of performing devotional service.

If you follow varnasrama, but you do not ultimately accept devotional service you could end up becoming the biggest demon in the universe, like Hiranyakasipu, Hiranyaksa, or Ravana.

Some elements of varnasrama can be accepted to make our minds peaceful so we can focus on hearing and chanting about Krishna.

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