Who is the best Prabhupada or Gandhi ???

Prabhupada smiled at the irony. "When the Englishmen were ruling over this country and Gandhi had to do so much labor, his life sacrificed, some way or other they were gone. Now the same Englishman is working here as book distributor, who was our ruler.So whose achievement is better—Gandhi's or mine?"We all agreed: "Yours.""And one Englishman is giving me massage," Prabhupäda laughed, giving me (Hari Sauri Prabhu who was Prabhupada's personal servant at that time and was English by birth) a glance.- Jai PrabhupadaCourtesy : A Transcendental Diary Vol. 4
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  • Thank you very much! Please, keep distribuing Srilpa Prabhupada glories to us here!

    Radhe Radhe!
  • Thank you very much for your kind words. Prabhupada Consciousness is non different from Krsna Consciousness. Lets us all discuss his pastimes and glories and become happy even in this material world.

    Jai Prabhupada.
  • Hari bol ! Very nice article..
  • hare Krsna pr

    Please keep posting such blogs. it is motivating.
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