Who Is Poor...?

Prabhupada makes a very clear understanding what it means to be poor, poor doesn’t mean without money, without food, without clothes, poor means a person who does not have Krsna consciousness, they are spiritually poor. The people in the western countries living in their big, big mansions and expensive homes, driving their nice cars, eating al kind of foods, they are poor because although they have so much wealth materially, their hearts are lonely, their hearts are starving and when we look in their eyes, we see poverty of the heart. So who is poor? A rich man fearful, suspicious, lonely, never getting enough, taking sleeping pills to go to sleep at night, taking alcohol and drugs to somehow or another cope with the anxiety of the day, going here there on all kinds of vacations to somehow or another just finds some variedgatedness and life to just escape from the loneliness within, sometimes they even engage in cruel egoistic acts to others just to get some excitement out of life; they are poor.
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  • Nice little explaination
    But. Very powerful
    hari bol
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