Where We Belong

I'm starting to realize that I don't belong here. As I look at myself and everyone around me, ranging from my family and friends, to the random people out in the world, all I see are souls trapped in material bondage. Except the difference with me is that I see it and I know that this shouldn't be the case. I thank Krishna's mercy and grace for this realization.

Everyone else is always striving after sense pleasure. Majority of people chase after money, because after all, when abused, this gives access to sense pleasure. We cannot even escape money because the world operates through money, and we are trapped in this world.

One quote in the bible that I'll never forget goes something like "we are in the world, but not of it." Maybe that's why I, and maybe other devotees feel that we don't belong here. Because we are not of this world! Our true nature is to be with Krishna and in his eternal service.

But since we are stuck here, the best we can do to not forget Krishna is to use the stuff of this world (except the ones relating to the 4 regulative principles) to His service. Is the money we are using reminding us of Krishna? Is it doing Him and his devotees service?

It's very hard to always remember Krishna due to our entrapment. But I pray for his mercy and grace so that we may always remain conscious of him so that we can finally be where we belong: with Him in His service.

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