One of our members expressed an apprehension about cleaning but my argument on the point goes like this: “Our whole culture is about cleaning, whether it be the heart, your temple, your house or your car. As Vaishnavas we spend, or should spend, at least a small portion of our day in cleansing.” In the context of a traditional ashram or mandir (temple), cleansing becomes a major component. Monks give considerable time to clearing and cleaning, even if it means the backyard and front yard.

And why not do it?

Look at the marvelous workout it provides. Look at the outstanding therapy it offers. So, from the standpoint of body, mind, and spirit; cleaning, purging, ablution, washing, dusting, sanitizing and sterilizing are a big part of claiming success in life.

Our guru, Prabhupada, used to say that his guru (Bhaktisiddhanta) would have new monks wash pots. (That’s what I did yesterday due to shortage of staff. I loved it.)

There is nothing lighter and brighter to life than getting rid of clutter. Clutter, chaos and crap are easy to have fall in place, but it takes strong will and intent to remove that which blocks the way.

I recall, on my first Canada walk, a trucker carrying logs had lost control and the timber was strewn all over that portion of the TransCanada Highway. So I, and others (motorists), pushed them to the side so traffic could flow again.

I would like to bring to your attention the story of Chaitanya and his cleaning ecstasy program.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2021/10/tuesday-september-28-2021.html

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